Do you want a renovation for your home to enjoy a new level of luxury and comfort?



Homes these days are an expression of our tastes, likes and emotions which shape how we live. A place where your family and friends can come together and enjoy the environment that caters for every need, whether its work or play. Renovating can revitalise your lifestyle by bringing new energy into any room.

The possibilities are endless when you’re considering a renovation or even a few slight changes; our team can assist you in achieving any vision you see for your home, whether its a full house renovation, kitchen, bathroom or laundry. We can tailor a design that works with your lifestyle and tastes. You will have an experts touch to ensure you can maximise the space available effectively; they will also assist with recommendations which will help make your vision a reality.


With our interior design partners and project management team, we take care of all aspects of your renovation; you get one point of contact for all your questions. Our project managers are all trade qualified with years of experience giving them the ability to coordinate all trades and sub-contractors, with industry knowledge they can also provide expert advice on the best approach to a wide range of renovations.


Kitchens are one room that sets the tone for the entire house, and they have the capacity not just to prepare meals but provide a complete experience with family and friends. A stimulating kitchen can mean the difference between a mediocre day and a fantastic day. For those not looking to renovate the entire kitchen, small upgrades can go a long way. Changing the cabinets and countertops can significantly transform the mood in the kitchen.


With a space that you spend a good part of your day in, Navigate will be devoted to providing you with a stunning kitchen you’ll enjoy spending time in with your family and friends.


We are devoted to impacting homes and lifestyles with practical new kitchen designs. We promise to give you a seamless journey from planning, through the construction, to the captivating finishing touches. With our interior design partners guiding you through the design process in the comfort of your home, you will have nothing to say but “WOW”.


Bathrooms come in many shapes and sizes to meet the diversity of needs across our families lifestyles. When considering your bathroom renovation, factors you should think about are: Increasing the existing space, will your family be growing in size in the future and how many people will be using the bathroom, should you remove a bath to make more room for a bigger shower or double vanity? The possibilities are endless within such a small space.


Classic white design, contemporary or industrial, with the help of our team we can assist you in making the right selections. If you are after more inspiration, our interior design partners will assist you to make the right preferences regarding aesthetics and textures to compliment your choice of style further to reflect your uniqueness. You will have a devoted project manager, with years of practical knowledge, overseeing each stage of your renovation.


The laundry would likely be the unfavourable room in most homes, which is a little unjust considering how essential it is! A functional laundry design can not only help with the washing and drying, but it will also be a space you can utilise for ample storage for chemicals and linen, it can undoubtedly make cleaning a lot easier.


A modern functional laundry design is one that makes the most of all available space. The latest innovations in cabinetry and storage space give you the ability to be more creative and unique, your appliances and fixtures can now be hidden away so no more messy cords along the bench tops. Speaking with one of our team they will assist you in deciding where your appliances can go to maximise the functionality of the room. 

Not only will we meet our promises and your expectations, but we will also surpass them on every level and Navigate you to excellent value.

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